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Stay confident and comfortable, and enjoy a flawless look by giving your skin the care it deserves. We will assess your individual needs, set out a plan, and provide some lifestyle tips so that you can achieve optimal results!

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Exceptional Treatments at Your Fingertips!

Dreaming of that feeling of satisfaction and charm in yourself?
According to recent studies, getting a cosmetic procedure improves mood, fights depression, and raises the level of self-esteem related to appearance

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Providing laser treatments using modern technologies. Guaranteed results and great comfort for patients

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From giving your skin the care it needs, fighting aging signs, to finding solutions to all skin issues

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Outstanding Aesthetic Clinic in Sharjah

Ajyad Medical Center in Sharjah was established due to the great interest in aesthetic procedures in Sharjah during the past decade.
Our center provides cosmetic services and treatments to rejuvenate your skin, beauty, and youth.
Ajyad specializes in surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures and offers the latest technologies in the rejuvenation of the face and body.
If you are looking for Botox, Filler injections, or different laser treatments in a laser clinic in Sharjah, such as hair removal and carbon peeling, search no more! Everything you need is in one place at Ajyad Medical Center.
We know that when it comes to looks, everyone wants to look special and reflect their preferences and personality.
Our beauty clinic will help you get a result that expresses your boldness and confidence.
Improving, repairing, and reversing damaged skin, we can do it all! From the latest skin rejuvenation and laser treatments to complex cosmetic surgeries, our clinic offers you heightened self-confidence and natural results.
We work to exceed your expectations and meet all your needs.

Why Choosing Ajyad Medical Center?

We care about all the little details and strive to make you feel confident in your own skin by showing your natural beauty.

We provide you with high-quality healthcare services in terms of sterilization, qualified doctors, the best dermatologists in Sharjah, and a team of people who love what they do.

Academic and Practical Experience

Academic and Practical Experience

We dedicate ourselves to the practice of surgical and non-surgical aesthetic medicine, performing treatments and other procedures in the highest quality, ethical and professional manner with our many years of experience.

Guaranteed Sterilization Procedures

Guaranteed Sterilization Procedures

We perform cosmetic medical practices in a sterilized environment, ensure proper preparation, and take appropriate precautions. Each procedure is carried out under the direct supervision of a specialist team to achieve the best results while minimizing risks.

Premium Equipment & Products

Premium Equipment & Products

We are keen to use the latest technologies in the field of aesthetics, skincare, and plastic surgery. Our clinic is distinguished by the best new products, and our practitioners are highly trained to use this equipment appropriately.

Dedicated Care and Attention

Dedicated Care and Attention

We focus on patient education and support when the treatment journey begins; we know that the key to achieving natural results is to communicate with patients, review their medical and aesthetic history and provide them with necessary relevant information.

Transparency and Trustworthy

Transparency and Trustworthy

Rediscover the feeling of comfort in your own skin.
We understand that every patient is unique and has a different opinion, so we take the time to get to know you and ensure that your treatment journey with us is customized and safe.

Mastering Every Step

Mastering Every Step

Our services are affordable; we never rush to take action after consultation, and we make sure that you receive the best treatment for you and your budget. No one will push you to buy additional products or undergo other nonessential treatments.


One of the best medical centers, efficient, and clean



Great service, short wait time, and a very friendly atmosphere.


I tried laser hair removal with them. Excellent results



Are Your Non-Surgical Procedures Safe?

Yes, all of our procedures are safe, authorized, and performed by highly experienced, licensed medical aestheticians.

Our non-surgical treatments do not require general anesthesia, and our services provide similar results to traditional surgery but without risks, swelling, or long recovery period.

Are Non-Surgical Procedures Painful?

While most of our non-surgical services are painless, the injection may cause a little discomfort for some time.

The doctor minimizes any discomfort by numbing the area with cold compresses or anesthetic cream before injection.

What Are the Non-Surgical Treatments You Offer at Your Center?

Our most common non-surgical treatment procedures include:

Botox & Filler injections



Non-surgical laser and include:

  • Hair Removal
  • Hair Bleaching
  • Carbon Laser Peel
  • Tattoo Removal
    What Are the Advantages of Non-Surgical Cosmetic Treatments Over Traditional Procedures?

    The advantages of non-surgical cosmetic treatments include:

    • Less pain
    • Shorter recovery time
    • No surgery risks
    • Takes about 30 minutes
    • Safe and effective
    • Cheaper price 
    • Unwanted results can be changed
    • More accurate


    How Long Do the Results Last?

    The results of the treatment depend on the procedure type. In general, the results of a non-surgical cosmetic treatment usually last from 6 months to 3 years.

    Results can change as the face or body changes over time, leaving a more natural appearance.

    What Are the Risks of Non-Surgical Cosmetic Procedures?

    Non-surgical procedures usually have less serious risks, such as minor bruising and swelling, when compared to surgical procedures.

    Does My Diet Affect My Skin?

    What you eat affects the appearance of your skin. Therefore, a healthy diet rich in fresh fruits, salads, green leafy vegetables, and whole grains is important for healthy skin.
    You should also drink plenty of water and reduce your intake of fats, sugars, red meat, and cigarettes.

    Are Your Surgical Procedures Safe?

    There are many risks associated with any surgical procedure, like bleeding, possible infection, and more.

    Do some research before undertaking any procedure to know all the potential risks of this specific procedure, or ask your doctor how to deal with them if they occur.

    Do I Need General Anesthesia When Having Surgery?

    The surgeon will decide which type of anesthesia to use depending on what is appropriate for the patient’s condition.

    How Long Do Surgeries Take?

    Most surgeries take an average of 2 – 3 hours, while extensive and multiple surgeries take 5 – 7 hours.
    Surgeries require additional preparation time before, and recovery time after, especially when under general anesthesia.

    How Much Does Treatment Cost?

    Our prices vary based on the provided service, the amount of product/material required, and the target area of ​​the body.

    Does My Medical History Matter?

    Our doctors consider any medical condition, surgical implants, or other, to determine the appropriate procedures for you.
    A medical health history is required with each new patient. Please inform your provider if you are pregnant or if you have had injuries or recent surgeries, or if you are using other medications. Inform your provider so that appropriate products and treatments will be selected.

    Can I Take My Children to the Clinic?

    We understand your busy schedule and will give you the best we can. Please contact us for more information.

    What if My Question Is Not Listed Here?

    We are constantly working with our patients to provide the information they are looking for; we recommend that you call and request a consultation to have your questions answered with our expert staff so that you feel comfortable with whatever decision you make.

    Always Happy to Help!

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