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At Ajyad Medical Center, is about YOU and not only your teeth. We believe in understanding and caring for the whole person so we take time to really know what it is you want and also what you need.
Periodontal Esthetics
  • Periodontal Esthetics

    The Art of Periodontal Esthetics in dentistry consists of the correction of gingival (gum) asymmetries, "gummy smiles", and gingival defects, discoloration of tissue and exposure of teeth partially covered with gums.

  • Soft-Tissue Grafting

    Periodontal procedures are available to stop further dental problems and gum recession, and/or to improve the esthetics of your gum line.

    Exposed tooth roots are the result of gum recession. Perhaps you wish to enhance your smile by covering one or more of these roots that make your teeth appear too long. Or, maybe you're not bothered by the appearance of these areas, but you cringe because the exposed roots are sensitive to hot or cold foods and liquids.

    Your gums may have receded for a variety of reasons, including aggressive tooth brushing or periodontal disease, or you may not be in control of what caused the recession. Prior to your treatment we can help you identify the factors contributing to the problem and once these are controlled, a soft tissue graft procedure will repair the defect and help to prevent additional recession and bone loss.

    Soft tissue grafts can be used to cover roots or develop gum tissue where absent due to excessive gingival recession. During this procedure gum tissue from your palate or another donor source will be used to cover the exposed root. This can be done for one tooth or several teeth to even your gum line and reduce sensitivity.

  • Crown Lengthening/ Gum Reshaping

    Crown lengthening is a simple surgical procedure which adjusts the position of the gum around the affected tooth, thereby providing a more solid tooth on which to anchor the restoration of choice. A functional crown lengthening will help you regain a beautiful smile and allow you to eat and speak with comfort and confidence. Crown lengthening is available to prepare a tooth for restorative dentistry or to cosmetically enhance your smile. Crown lengthening may also be recommended to make a restorative or cosmetic dental procedure possible.

    Gum Reshaping
    This procedure is used to improve a "gummy" smile because your teeth appear too short. Your teeth may actually be the proper length, but they're covered with too much gum tissue. To correct this, your periodontist will perform a crown lengthening procedure. During this procedure, excess gum and bone tissue if necessary is reshaped to expose more of the natural tooth. This can be done to one tooth to even your gum line, or to several teeth to expose a natural, broad smile.

  • Ridge Augmentation

    Sometimes, when a tooth is lost, the gum and bone where the tooth was shrinks and creates an indention in the gum. This happens because the jawbone isn't holding a tooth in place anymore, even though there may be a bridge or partial in place. A ridge augmentation can correct this defect, making your smile look natural again.

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